Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is going to switch to a SUBSCRIPTION model next week.


With a SUBSCRIPTION magazine we can offer:

FULL COLOR, glossy, delivered to your mailbox.

ADVERTISING FREE (except free book promotions for authors)

•Your paid subscription covers our costs and allows us to PAY WRITERS

•You’ll want to KEEP the magazine.

Solid content, attractive layouts, fun read.

Short Stories | Articles | Interviews | Tips & more….

In our limited print run of the June issue, ALL readers who received a copy were delighted. We’re certain that YOU will enjoy it also.

For the August issue we have TWO sections: A general/International section, and an Idaho section. We’re testing out the Idaho content locally. Here are the covers below.

In the next week SUBSCRIPTIONS will be available from the top menu bar. You can enjoy a printed copy or a digital copy (in PDF, .mobi for Kindle, and ePub for all other eReaders.) which will be available from this Website.

Watch for details, and be sure to sign up for our MAILING LIST.

Pricing: At this time, print issues will be $44.75/year (for US & Canada readers. Postage add-on for International readers) while digital editions will be $9.99/year, although that may change as we finalize our system.


We are very excited and hope you will be, also. Please leave a comment if you have questions. Thanks. ~William


A Note from the Publisher:

We need you help. A lot of work and cost goes into each issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine. We’ve chosen to remain AD-FREE, but in order to do so we need you to SUBSCRIBE to this publication, or SPONSOR US so that we can pay costs, PAY WRITERS and offer a high-quality AD-FREE publication. You can SUBSCRIBE for a PRINTor DIGITAL(pdf, ePub that you can read on any device, and in any e-reader, including Kindle) edition. Print subscribers also receive a FREE digital subscription.

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Thank you for helping us to continue to offer you quality, AD-FREEcontent.


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