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Learn to Self-Publish Professionally & Affordably! Hands-On Training?

Books ‘N Pieces Magazine/Alt Publish is pleaded to announce a new guided, instructional program starting early 2019: Bestseller on a Budget™️, a complete, instructional program to help you gain publishing independence easily, quickly, and affordably.

This program is designed for all levels of experience, especially beginners, and will offer an affordable way to self-publish and market your books using written, visual, video and face-to-face instructional methods.

Keep Your Royalties

🔘 Break Free of Small Publishing Companies… By the time you are done investing your time, energy and hopes with a company promising you the moon, you may well be wishing you could just do it yourself and keep your royalties.

🔘 Keep Your Royalties — royalty sharing is not good for you! Why share with someone else when YOU are still doing the bulk of the work? Their expertise in layouts and design? Nah! You can learn how to do the same thing quite quickly. Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand.

🔘 No Fear Publishing — step-by-step instructions, including option for personalized instruction, to ensure you understand the process and can repeat it on your own.

🔘 No Experience Necessary — We will teach you all you need to know to complete, layout, design, publish, and market your work…professionally! Like a pro!

🔘 Market Like A Pro — If you believe marketing your work means posts on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you are wrong! And so is your publishing company, many of whom do not know how to professionally market your work. Learn the many, varied methods that work, and put them into practice for yourself. You can do it.

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Make 2019 Your Breakout Year!

And be sure to read posts on Books ‘N Pieces. We have TIPS posted regularly that can help get you started whether you have a book completed or just need encouragement.

Stay tuned…