Update to Short Story Reading Fee – YOUR CHOICE! ✅

Starting May 1 we began charging a small $2 reading fee for short stories submitted to us for publication.

This has been met with mixed reactions. Some authors like it because it narrows the number of submissions to those authors feel are truly worthy of publication (and we pay for published stories). Other authors feel that they should not have to pay someone to read their work, even a small fee like $2.

Over 200 submissions a month!

Both viewpoints are justified. Books ‘N Pieces Magazine wants to offer more short stories in every issue. The problem was that with over 200 submissions a month (there were 362 submission in February alone), the staggering amount of time spent reading through work that was not yet at a publishable level. Something had to give.

The $2 fee does make authors question the validity of their work. Far TOO MANY submissions are first-time efforts that have had no revisions, editing, proofing, relying on clichéd ideas, copies of movies or other stories, or just strange. Since starting the fee the number of submissions has dropped considerably.

A Good Idea!

An author friend suggested that we offer a different tier-option. We thought it was a good idea. It goes like this:

Option A: Pay the $2 reading fee and if accepted get paid for having your story published. 


Option B: Don’t pay anything for submission, but if your story is accepted, while we will publish it, there will be no payment attached. 

This puts the choice with the writer!

What do you think?

You can find the option on our SUBMIT page. We’ll let YOU DECIDE!


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