Have you turned your book into an AUDIOBOOK yet?

Think outside the box, the book box that is. If you look at sales statistics you will find that audiobooks account for almost a third of all book sales, surpassed by e-books, with print in third place. This would not surprise you. Many people commute to work,  long and boring drives, train rides, carpool and more. Many people prefer to listen, rather than read. Teens, especially, are more likely to listen to a podcast or audiobooks.

So how does that work?  The easiest way is to use a service like Amazon’s ACX service, the production arm of Audible.com.  Here you have the option of being a producer or a rights holder (publisher).  Narrators will either work for a flat rate based upon the finished time, not the production time, or elect to royalty share.

I just completed the narration for bestselling author, JC Ryan’s The Tenth Cycle, an excellent series of 8 books, and I am now recording the next in the series, The Ninth Cycle: Antarctica. The process is straight forward. You need a professional quality microphone, a relatively sound-muted room, and a decent audio editor. Background sounds, hisses, pops, and breathing sounds, to name a few, must be removed. The finished product is uploaded chapter by chapter, and after Rights Holder approval, must pass the ACX audio team before being released.

I am also recording the audiobook narration for Robin Melhuish’s novel, All That Remains, now available from Alt Publish no available in print no digital editions Online.

Audiobooks are a solid tool for enhancing your sales, no one you should not overlook. You can check out my narration of The Tenth Cycle at http://bit.ly/WGAudio. Let me know what you think in the comments.