Have You Followed BNP Magazine on Twitter Yet?

I admit that I post a lot on Twitter; often about authors and books that I see there, often, useful tips and freebies; but also some commentary about global, political or other items of interest. Sometimes an active Twitter discussion ensues, not easy even with their expanded 288 word tweet limit. Nonetheless, Twitter is a resource most writers should be using. It is an effective and FREE way to promote both yourself and your work.

If you are new to Twitter, or have not figured out tyhe best way to utilize it, sign up and follow my account @misterwriter. Be sure to include information in your bio so I know that you write, or what you do – I tend to not follow back if in doubt.

You can then privately chat with me and I am happy to give you advice how to build your followers, effective apps to use, tricks that others use, and more.

Twitter serves as an excellent gateway for Facebook (did you know you can have your tweets automatically posted to Facebook?) and your Website. It’s well worth a look.