My name is William Gensburger, owner of AltPublish, and Books ‘N Pieces Magazine.

I can advise you on self-publishing and marketing, offering different services––from book cover design, story analysis/doctoring, editing, proofing, layout, audiobook narration, book video promotions, marketing methods that work, and more. I can help with individual items, or the whole thing if you prefer. I also offer tutoring services to teach you how to do it yourself (which you also get when you hire me to do the work.)

Trust me, YOU can learn. Self-publishing is the way to go. You don’t need to be bound to someone else, and you don’t need to royalty share.

Read my Testimonials below….

If you need some, or all, of the services listed above, think of me as your guide. Let’s have a chat (no cost, no obligation.)
Here is a little of what you need to know….


All jobs are pre-negotiated with all specifications written out in a contract.
That way you have no surprises. I can also accept monthly payments if you are not able to handle the full cost at the time, and I charge ZERO interest!

You may be thinking that this will be some HUGE amount of money that you cannot afford. No! My goal is to work with authors and my intents are not to milk money from hard-working new authors who do not need added expenses.  Nonetheless, this is a business and I have to feed my family, too.

But unlike MOST publishing-assist companies, I will not make you poor, will not lock you into insane contracts, and you WILL get far more value than you will ever pay. You will also learn how to do it all yourself.

Did you know that the million dollar trick in self-publishing is marketing. [Secret: If you believe that Facebook, and other social media, is the way to market your book, you are wasting your time and money. Ask me why!]

Here are some samples of layouts, advertising and other publications that I have done. Click for layouts HERE  and book covers HERE.

Here are some TESTIMONIALS from people who have used my services or worked with me:

“Alt Publish has provided a solid and above all friendly source of support and I’d like to take the opportunity of thanking William for all the effort he put in turning my story into a marketable success. It can’t have been easy with what I provided him with originally.”
~Robin Melhuish, Bestselling author “All That Remains.”

“William is a high quality professional that strives to help authors reach their personal and professional goals.He is responsive, objective, and sets realistic goals.If you have a manuscript or require marketing to promote your brand, William is a good resource.” ~Kurt Koontz, Bestselling author “A Million Steps.” (

“From his very first contact with me, William Gensburger taught me how to change my 5,000-word story into a novel.  Throughout the process he gave me invaluable instruction, ideas, and encouragement, all while respecting my viewpoints and story. Under his patient guidance, I watched that 5,000-word awkward story come to life and transform into something I had only dreamed of.” ~Danielle Calloway, author “The Lost Child”

“Today we have digital (and traditional) publishing with a great company like Alt Publish, that actually reads your submissions, personal contact who will advise how to make your submission better if need be, and get it out there for the reader.” ~ C. Dwayne Hitchcock

“The whole experience for me was quite enjoyable. I appreciated your quick responses and opinions over any questions or concerns I had. You were very helpful and made the process seamless. Also, I thought the editing was spot on.” ~MK

“You are honest, enthusiastic in what you do and willing to take it all on.  The process itself has been fun and personally rewarding. I have mentioned you to a couple friends, encouraging them to send you their work. Thanks so much for your hard work.” ~CH

“I needed publishing help from someone who was insightful and knowledgeable, who moved at the same pace I did so momentum would not be lost and frustration set in. [William] is that kind of person. His suggestions and expertise were invaluable in helping me. He kept me informed throughout revisions, editing, titles, cover designs and all the other aspects of publication. He was always prompt in returning emails and answering questions, professional in his suggestions and comments, and he did what he said he would do. My experience with him was highly positive and energizing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” ~Jan Hill, author.

[Note: Jan’s testimonial was for work I performed while with a different company. My policies have not changed. -WG]

It is my goal, my point of pride, and the way that I do business, that YOU get OUTSTANDING VALUE for the price. I want your TOTAL SATISFACTION, as well as your referrals and testimonials.

This is what I have done for over two decades of my life in varying forms. But foremost, I am an author, published both under my name, as well as ghostwriting for others. I dabble in screenplays, love science-fiction (the good kind), write songs (mostly non-publishable, thankfully), and most of all I enjoying spending life with my wife and children.

You have questions. Please ask them!  I look forward to hearing from you and learning how I can be of help.


William Gensburger

BTW:  Books ‘N Pieces (B&P) Magazine invites writers to submit short stories (we pay) for publication. Learn more on the SUBMIT page, including pay rates.