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  • Author Testimonial ✅ Robin Melhuish

    Author Testimonial ✅ Robin Melhuish

    "I have been repeatedly impressed with [William's] creativity and ideas, not just on the story front, but also on the marketing side of things. Through his efforts my book, "All That Remains" made it into the top 100 Kindle titles in historical fiction." ~Robin Melhuish, Bestselling author.

  • Author Testimonial ✅ Kurt Koontz

    Author Testimonial ✅ Kurt Koontz

    “William is a high quality professional that strives to help authors reach their personal and professional goals. He is responsive, objective, and sets realistic goals. If you have a manuscript or require marketing to promote your brand, William is a good resource.” ~Kurt Koontz, Bestselling author “A Million Steps”. (

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    • To See that Look Again by Joe Giordano I sold my car and gave my suits to charity. Olympic Airlines had a stand-by ticket available, and in ten hours I landed in Athens. I boarded a bus that dropped me near Syntagma Square. The street was dry and dusty, the pavement radiated heat, autos honked,

    • FREE BOOK DAYS (ends Nov 4) Different genres-authors, interesting books you’ll enjoy. These books are downloadable from Amazon Kindle  if you’d like a different format please let me know in the comments. if you enjoy the read PLEASE leave the author a REVIEW on Amazon.   Homo Idiotus (Non-Fic Humor) by William Gensburger The Lost

    • Craig DiLouie is an acclaimed American-Canadian author of literary dark fantasy and other fiction. Formerly a magazine editor and advertising executive, he also works as a journalist and educator covering the North American lighting industry. His fiction has been nominated for major awards, optioned for screen, and published in multiple languages. He is a member

    • Before there was Audible, before there were books on CDs, audio books were recorded on cassette tapes. In 1979. Henry Trentman founded Recorded Books and hired Frank Muller as its first narrator to record its debut audiobook, The Sea Wolf by Jack London. Since that first narration, Muller went on to narrate contemporary works and

    • Founded in 1995, Audible is the world’s most prolific producer of audiobooks. For authors, Audible could be a way to reach a broader audience. ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) which is typically used to record a work lists the books on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Timing and costs and benefits should be considered though. For example,

    • An author, posting to a popular Facebook group: 20Booksto50K   shared her success in publishing that seemed noteworthy to share with you (with her permission, of course, although she did request I not include her actual income figures. If you want to see those join the FB group above and you will see her post

    •       In honor of Father’s Day, this month’s pick is A Song for Lost Angels: How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family (2015, Two Penny Press, paperback, 222 pages, $15.27) by Kevin Fisher-Paulson. His memoir embodies the extreme highs and lows of the fatherhood experience. After months of waiting to be

    • For 22 years Dr. Lew Bayer (hon.) has been internationally recognized as a leading civility expert. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts – which includes 276 affiliates in 46 countries has supported 100’s of organizations in building better workplaces.  Bayer believes that: “In choosing civility, people find

    • Are you ready to play?   You can do it. 11 words… but if you need to peek at the answers, scroll all the way down! Enjoy.                                                

    • How’d you start your career? What was your initial reaction received from others when you announced you would be writing? My career as a book reviewer can actually be more described as a side hobby that grew in a way I never believed it would. Shortly after I graduated college in 2014, I found an

    • When it comes to multitasking, Richard Foreman is ahead of the game. A bestselling author, he also publishes other authors, focusing on the historical fiction genre. He also accepts manuscripts from authors with an added service of setting them up for publications. How’d you start your career? What was your initial reaction received from others

    •     Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country by Pam Houston In Pam Houston’s new memoir, “Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country” (2019, W.W. Norton & Company, hardcover, 302 pages, $13.05), the grit of the author’s life experiences and the complexities of man’s impact on nature are explored. She balances heart-wrenching

    • What Happened? We’ve delayed the June issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine (as you likely figured out by now) as there are format changes ahead. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Look for the June issue out the 15th. So What’s the Deal? Well, we’ve looked at all the ways our readers like reading our content

    •   The May 2019 issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine featuring interviews with Kimberly Stuart, Pam Houston, Short Story by Avra Margariti. Also featuring FREE D/L DAYS, Congratulations, Gareth Powell, Author Questions on the Run, Book Previews, Letters to the Editor, Brain Games #4 and more. •Digital PDF edition. • Flip-style Magazine • ePub

    • Happy April Fools Day, however, for real, the newest issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is ready for you to read. This issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine featuring interviews with Ellen Michelle, Emily Gallo, Gareth L Powell, Kathrin Hutson, Short Stories by Ellen Denton and Mike Todd. Also featuring Author Questions on the Run,

    • READ IT NOW:PDF edition:Kindle edition: Also it is Free on Kindle UnlimitedePub edition:Issuu flip-page edition: Enjoy our interview with bestselling author Tosca Lee, Jenna Greene, Paul Alan Ruben. Short stories by Paul Alan Ruben and Jim Courter. Wine While Writing, Jill Hedgecock’s Book Review, DIY Editing Tips, Do You Have What It Takes to Self-Publish?,

    • Our year-end issue is bigger than ever, featuring 6 short tories, 6 interviews, as well as book review, book chapters, articles, and more.  Click  to read >> PDF << PDF edition.Click to read >>Flip-Page Magazine Style << edition.Click to download >>EPUB<< format for all eReadersClick to download >>MOBI<< format for Kindle The print edition, a BW edition, will be

    • From the publisher: Effective 8/30/18 we have ceased our subscription model. If you wish to get Books ‘N Pieces Magazine in PRINT you may do so from Amazon on a per issue basis. The August issue (if you have not already bought it) can be found here > For our DIGITAL READERS who prefer the

    • Happy First Birthday to Books ‘N Pieces Magazine.  [Update 5/20: We have altered the logo and removed BNP due to confusion in the UK with a disliked political party. We have adjusted to B&P instead, and slowly adjusting all collateral material. The Web URL remains unchanged. Thanks.] Now starting our second year, we are happy

    • Despite a delay, we’re happy to announce that the Mar/Apr 2017 issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is now available. Featuring 4 interviews – Eileen Cook (Thriller), K.J. Howe (Thriller), Kurt Koontz (Travel) and Ashley Adams (Romance), as well as an insightful short story by Peter Ford, DVD Review of ‘The Last Jedi’ by William

    • Interview with YA novelist, Kelly Charron, travel writer and explorer, Kurt Koontz (part one), fiction by Alexander Greene, and an article on why covers and titles are so important. Enjoy and be sure to sign up for our mailing list. PDF MOBI (Kindle) ePUB (All e-Readers)       Join our mailing list: [mailerlite_form form_id=1]

    • Welcome to the December issue of BNP Magazine, featuring our interview with sci-fi great, Robert J. Sawyer, two short stories, interview with best selling author Robin Melhuish, an editorial titled “The Mass Mess of Christmas,” and more. BNP Magazine is available FREE to our mailing list subscribers . Please sign up below and help us

    • The July edition of Books ‘N Pieces is available and packed with material. Read as a PDF Read as an ePub Read as an Issuu flip-page magazine In this issue, an interview with bestselling author JC Ryan (The Tenth Cycle), Twitter marketing tips from Andrew Hood, Problems with self-publishing by Robin Melhuish, short stories, and

    • READ THE JUNE 2017 ISSUE: PDF: page: With each issue BNP gets stronger. Our readership as grown–which reminds me, if you have not signed up for a FREE subscription, please do so HERE, or It is my hope that as we continue to add subscribers (free, by the way), and attract  even more

    • May 2017 Books ‘N Pieces Digital Magazine Enjoy this issue of Books ‘N Pieces featuring romance authors Devika Fernando, Arabelle Sheraton, YA author Fiona Ingram, with a short story by Henry Ohaegbulam (First place winner in our contest – different story), and mentions of Mike Wells, Robin Melhuish, book reviews, articles including The Changing Face