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    • “Mama is dead,” Trixie says as if she’s talking about the weather. Liza’s body has been down at the morgue for three days, so I don’t know why Trixie feels the need to state the obvious. “Stop calling her that,”

    • Birds squawk an inconsistent rhythm and frosty leaves rustle background vocals in the breeze. It’s the first morning of a week off work and Bernhard Koenig plans to spend much of that time perched in a camouflaged hunting blind, rifle

    • There’s a cold wind coming in from the North; there’s always a cold wind when Martin comes by. I can feel it in the bones of this old Maine house, whittling the warmth of the wood away in gusts and

    • Wulfstan followed Margot into the misted atrium. Ferns and leafy plants made a rain forest impression. Hidden speakers pumped out soothing atonal music. A few goldfinches fluttered about, lovely little birds that almost looked fake. ​This is where people went

    • “Life asked Death, ‘Why do people love me, but hate you?’ Death responded, ‘Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a painful truth.’ ” ~Anonymous  The woman flicked an inch of ash from her smoke as she sat

    • Shaun holds the door for me, but Joey shoves ahead, pulling cigarette and lighter from somewhere. I give him a look, but he lights up anyway, maneuvering his words around his cigarette: “It’s a bar.” “We have to post it.”

    • When I speak to my friends we often joke and reminisce about the imaginary friends we used to have as kids, sometimes we would play or discuss things with them and even argue with them, perhaps it was just an

    • Tantalizing once described how I felt about blackberries. The wild bushes, heavy with fruit, were a gift of summer. But I’ve lost my taste for them. And summer, which once spelled freedom, now just means hot months to endure. I’d

    • SHORT STORY: Pressure by Gary Hoffman [appeared first in Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, July 2017 issue]   He knew hoping wasn’t going to save him, but he was doing it anyway.  He thought of the cliché ‘hoping against hope,’ but

    • Short Story: The Diner by Peter Ford [First appeared Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, December 2017 issue] Harry Pinder was a chef like no other. He had never received a bad review, or, if he had, he was as certain as

    • SHORT STORY: To Hell with Descartes by Jonathan deBurca Butler [First printed Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, December 2017] “See that girl there?” asked Jedebiah Smallman. His friend, arms-folded leaning back on a sulking clef-back bench, soaked up the early morning

    • BNP Magazine is accepting short stories for possible publication in Books ‘N Pieces Magazine. Payment on publication. Click the SUBMIT tab for more information.

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