BNP Magazine Past Issues

March/April 2018

Featuring 4 interviews – Eileen Cook (Thriller), K.J. Howe (Thriller), Kurt Koontz (Travel) and Ashley Adams (Romance), as well as an insightful short story by Peter Ford, DVD Review of ‘The Last Jedi’ by William Gensburger, Book Review by Jill Hedgecock,and FREE DOWNLOAD DAYS for April (be sure to catch those), this issue is packed.

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January/February 2018

Interview with YA novelist, Kelly Charron, travel writer and explorer, Kurt Koontz (part one), fiction by Alexander Greene, and an article on why covers and titles are so important. Enjoy and be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

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December 2017

Welcome to the December issue of BNP Magazine, featuring our interview with sci-fi great, Robert J. Sawyer, two short stories, interview with best selling author Robin Melhuish, Novel chapter preview from Danielle Calloway’s debut novel “The Lost Child,” an editorial titled “The Mass Mess of Christmas,” and more.

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October/November 2017

Short Stories by Sarah Neubran, Joshua Jarman and William Gensburger. Interview with publicist, Mickey Mikkelson, Book Review of Kurt Koontz’s “A Million Steps”,  How to Make an Audiobook, Words to Write By, and more.

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August/September 2017

Cancelled for redesign

July 2017

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An interview with bestselling author JC Ryan (The Tenth Cycle), Twitter marketing tips from Andrew Hood, Problems with self-publishing by Robin Melhuish, short stories, and more.


June 2017

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Interviews with bestselling author Jas T. Ward, and Lauren Jefferson as well as additional contributions by Robin Melhuish, Lauren Jefferson and Mike Wells.



May 2017

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Featuring romance authors Devika Fernando, Arabelle Sheraton, YA author Fiona Ingram, with a short story by Henry Ohaegbulam (First place winner in our contest – different story), and mentions from Mike Wells, Robin Melhuish, book reviews,  articles including The Changing Face of Writing, and artwork from Kath Loste.

April 2017


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Featuring “On Writing” by bestselling author, Robin Melhuish and a short story, Five Questions with bestselling author, MIke Wells, writing contest winners, “Counting by Numbers,” and editorial by William Gensburger.