Publicists, Publishers, Authors and others may advertise with us in a VARIETY of ways, choosing the formats best suited to your needs, and priced accordingly.

Please contact to request our rate sheet.

Books ‘N Pieces Magazine (Print & Digital) – our formats outside of print include PDF, ePub, Issuu (flip-page). 

B&P Website – garnering an ever increasing traffic over several hundred unique visitors from around the world on a daily basis, we have adjusted the Website to offer a variety of pleasing items including stories, interviews and articles, book reviews, featured books, video content and more. In addition a customer service agent button is always available for fast responses. YOUR AD can be placeds on the sidebar, at the end of posts, and on the issue pages.

B&P Facebook – with close to 3K followers who interact, our feed is updated frequently with useful tips, information, highlighting issues, writers and artists, as well as things of use to readers and writers. YOUR AD can appear as a post in our timeline with a frequency we pre-agree upon.

B&P Twitter – we have two Twitter accounts, one for the publisher that with 5K followers, most of whom are readers and writers, publishers, and other high profile people. YOUR AD can be posted with a frequency that we pre-agree upon.

“William is a high quality professional that strives to help authors reach their personal and professional goals.  He is responsive, objective, and sets realistic goals.  If you have a manuscript or require marketing to promote your brand, William is a good resource.”~Kurt Koontz, Bestselling author “A Million Steps”. (

B&P Instagram, Pinterest – a relatively new, but rapidly growing addition to our social media presence. YOUR AD can be tailored to the type and frequency you need.

B&P Newsletter – sent out monthly to our 2200 subscribers (and growing), the newsletter offers advance looks at each issue, days before the public posting, as well as items that are not included on the Website, such as giveaways, contests, fun items and related items of interest to our readers. YOUR AD can be included in the books listed, or as a stand alone at the end of the newsletter above the publisher signature.

In addition we are reposted from a handful of high traffic bloggers which further enhances the reach of your ad. Our VERY AFFORDABLE rates are à la carte, so you can select which add-ons you want above the base print/digital rate.

Please contact to request our rate sheet, or to explore options for your advertising. Our experience in ad design, creative concepts and marketing can be of use to you for an effective ad campaign.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


William Gensburger