I am pleased to announce that we pay fiction writers whose work we accept for publication in Books ‘N Pieces Magazine.

Payment is a flat rate of US$100 for previously unpublished stories over 2500 words with no limit to length, and a flat rate US$50 if your story has been published elsewhere, or is under 2500 words.

Payment will be made shortly after acceptance (generally within a week of receipt of contract). We like PayPal, however can also send you a check (cheque for those of you overseas) or other mutually agreeable method. We pay US$25 for poems we accept, regardless of length.

We claim only the exclusive right of first publication to publish your work in our magazine (within 4 months of contract), and also on the magazine’s website. After that we also retain the non-exclusive right to include your story in an anthology, at our discretion, for which you will receive five (5) printed copies in lieu of additional payment. The anthology is not a guaranteed publication.

All other rights remain with the author.

You may SUBMIT your work through the form below.  Please note, maximum word count for short stories is about 10,000 words.

Deadlines are anytime, however…we cannot guarantee in which issue your story will appear. We will notify you when it is scheduled.

Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is available as a PDF, ePub, flip-page magazine via, and in print from Amazon, All past issues can be viewed HERE.

Please use the form below to submit your work for inclusion in Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, or for consideration by Alt Publish if you require services or training. This is an agreement for me to read your work only. It states that in the event I choose to publish your work, that a separate agreement will specify the details (payment etc) of that. Likewise, if you are submitting for my evaluation for services I offer for hire, a separate work for hire agreement will be sent to you.

>>>>Writers: Please first read our GUIDELINES before submitting.<<<<

Sorry for the “legalese”, however it seems to be needed these days.

If the form below is not functioning, please email your submission to with Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, or Representation, in the subject line.