Homo Idiotus

Title: HOMO IDIOTUS: 10th Anniversary Edition "Signs You May Be An Idiot"
Published by: Alt Publish
Release Date: October 15, 2018
Contributors: William Gensburger
Pages: 74
ISBN13: 978-0997722765

HOMO IDIOTUS is the latest breed of human now walking the earth. Replete with rights, self-importance, arrogance, expectation, and yet having done nothing to deserve mention, Idiotus is a transitionary hominid whose days are already numbered. Most certainly not the missing link, Idiotus strives to be God-like among the bipeds, phone in one hand, far smarter than he, and a custom IPA beer mug in the other. He wears designer sunglasses made of recycled something or other, designer pants bursting at the beltline where a massive belly hangs loose. Grunting at the female of the species in passing, he hopes that she will respond to his mating call. Like him, she is highly groomed, braided eyebrows, fly-trap lipstick, jeans that are shredded exposing the hair on her knees, and mammary glands offering him a hinting of her simian-birthing abilities. Luckily for both, this hominid jungle offers support for this lifestyle and that of his offspring. You cannot call him an “ape” because he’ll go on the offensive, attacking you with no mercy. Time behind bars puts this zoo into perspective. Idiotus knows his time is limited, but he’ll drag it out until the bitter end. But now you can read about his native environment, learn his habits, where he lives and how he interacts with the rest of the species. It’s a journey you won’t forget. 

This tenth anniversary edition of  Signs You May Be An Idiot, has been updated and revised to reflect the current insanity of the world.

“This is a humorous reflection on modern life.” ~Paul L. (Verified Amazon Reader) 

“As if the world wasn’t crazy enough, now I get to actually laugh about it. Gensburger hits it on the head. ” ~ Alexander Greene

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