? Prepping for the February issue.

Didn’t I just wish you a “Happy New Year?

That’s what I thought. And here we are getting ready for the February 2019 issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine. ⏳

Tosca Lee graces our cover with our unique cover shot! And as the title proclaims, she is down to earth. Our interview with her focuses not just on her new release The Line Between, but also on her journey to bestseller status, her thoughts on the directions she took, things she did that worked, as well as a perspective for other authors.

We also have two other interviews: Jenna Greene and Paul Alan Ruben. Paul has a short story in this issue as well you’ll enjoy. In addition Jim Coulter has a short story. These are gifted writers with an obvious talent to hold our attention.

Jill Hedgecock offers a book review, while Jeri Walker offers another episode of “Wine While Writing” which, as you can imagine, involves both wine and writing.

? Our tutorials in this issue include some DIY down and dirty editing hacks that you can employ––we know that most writers do not have the budget for a full scale edit, no matter ho necessary it may be. This first step might well save you lots of time and cost, part of our “Bestseller on a Budget” series. We also offer some marketing 101 tips that you can employ. Have you got what it takes to self-publish? Find out in this issue because that is where we believe you should be. And if you are signed to a small publishing company you may want to read this. Even if you are locked into a contract, you might find some value in our comments.

Possessives drive many writers insane. Is it apostrophe s, or s apostrophe, or neither? There are some simple rules you can follow to keep straight on this diabolical problem.

And finally, we’re opening up the Bookstore ‘N Pieces store where you can buy books, writer related items, both new and gently used; some steals you won’t find elsewhere. If you have books to sell, or gently used writer gear, check us out.

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“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

E. L. Doctorow

American novelist, editor, and professor. One of the most important American novelists of the 20th century.

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FEBRUARY 1, 2019