An Interview with Julian Font Author, Musician, Sportsman, Comedian and more…

An Interview with Julian Font Author, Musician, Sportsman, Comedian and more…

Featured on the cover of the May 2024 Books & Pieces Magazine. Click HERE to read that issue.

Julian Font, by his own admission, is a thrill-seeking author with a passion for living life through the eyes of his characters. While growing up composing music, Julian became intrigued by the simple pleasures that come with the pursuit of fame and romance, which has heavily influenced his work as an author.

Julian dives into fiction writing headfirst, creating thrilling and emotional experiences in his novels, “NIGHT AFTER NIGHT,” “WRITE MY WRONGS,” and his latest work, a psychological thriller novel called “LOOK AWAY: The Book for the Morbidly Curious,” that dives into the captivating realm of how a corrupted television network creates a TV show that exposes the darker side of humanity. It’s a gripping exploration of the intersection between media manipulation and the morbid human psyche, offering a unique perspective on the consequences of exposing the hidden shadows within the book’s fictional society.

Q: Where are you from? Family background?

A: While I was born in Irvine, California, I’m half Cuban, half Puerto Rican. Both sets of my grandparents dropped everything to come to America to live a better life and thanks to the sacrifices made by them and my parents, I’m proud to say I’m a Cubarican born and raised in the United States!

Q: How and when did you start with writing and music? 

A: As a child, I spent a lot of time in my room writing fan fiction in journals. If I didn’t like the endings of movies, video game storylines, or TV shows, I found myself rewriting the endings the way I wanted to. Eventually, that turned into writing original stories. 

In 2020, I took the leap by releasing my debut novel, “Night After Night,” and I haven’t lifted the pen from the page since. As far as music goes, I always sang in the car with Mom and Dad. It became a creative outlet in my teenage years which then led to the inspiration of a few albums and my second novel, “Write My Wrongs.”

Q: You’re not afraid to take chances and have said as much. Your interest range is also quite diverse, from writing to music, sports, and comedy. Tell us  a little about how you came to develop that attitude.

A: I live with one fear and that’s not making the most of this one life I get to live. If something interests me, I have no choice but to experience it. Also, the beauty in taking chances on a diverse range of interests is that it inspires the characters I write, which in turn, inspires me to experience even more.

Q: What’s the worst part of the writing process for you?

A: Editing… I’m a stickler for even the smallest grammar mistakes and I find myself wanting to read my manuscripts over and over again before I pass it along.

Q: You wrote two romance novels—which readers seemed to enjoy and one thriller. Why the change of genre?

A: I love romance and I will continue to write it, but the dark time I was going through last year just pulled the thriller right out of me. A thriller novel was never in my scope, which is the beautiful part about being able to funnel my emotions into my work. It was the right time for me to change genres, and now I feel romance pulling at me once more.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you and what’s your creative process like? 

A: Oh, I LOVE a routine. My typical day looks like the following. The gym at 5:50 am, then do technical writing (meeting a specific word count) until lunch, then I head to a coffee shop for some afternoon creative writing (writing/storyboarding/world building), then dinner and spending time with family or friends. I’ll repeat all of that the next day no matter what!

Q: What’s your end goal? 

A: My goal is to turn the books I continue to write into films and TV shows that I’ll eventually act in. Life is short and not only do I have too many stories to tell, but I want to experience them for myself.

Q: You have almost 70K followers on TikTok, and many on other social platforms as well. How did you amass such a following and which is your favorite platform and why?

A: I’m a big advocate for the idea that followers are a reflection of the influencer. As a literary influencer, I believe my passion for writing and reading was made transparent to people who share those passions. That being said, as I continue to portray my writing and love for storytelling, I hope that my followers feel the same way and find value in what I put out! My favorite platform tends to fluctuate, but I think my favorite platform to make content for is YouTube while my favorite platform to engage on is Instagram.

Q: Are you married, or single? And how do you feel that influences your ability to produce the variety of work you have?

A: I’m single! I would say some of my greatest work has been influenced by previous relationships, which I value. The highs, the lows, and everything in between… I pull inspiration from all of my relationships in my life. If you touch a part of my heart, you’ll inspire a page in my book… that’s a promise.

Q: What was the best day in your life thus far?

A: My best day was holding the first copy of my debut novel, “Night After Night.” That’s when I realized I’ll forever be in the writing game. There’s nothing like holding the world you created in the palm of your hand for the first time.

Q: What was the worst day?

A: I’ve pondered this question and thankfully the worst day doesn’t come to mind. I take all of my hardships and struggles as life lessons. I fail forward. And I keep my chin up regardless of what life throws my way because there’s no good plot without conflict.

Q: Any message for your readers?  

A: I would like my readers to know that I’m forever grateful for them. They bring my stories to life, they give my characters heartbeats. If you enjoy my books, know that I have many more coming your way and big plans for both myself and my readers when it comes to getting them involved in film adaptations. Also, I’m currently working on a new romance that is going to revolutionize the subgenre it’s in. No spoilers, but I’m excited to show the world what’s been weighing on my heart and mind lately.

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