Another Happy (JS Ririe Books) Winner.

JS Ririe let us know that one of the winners of an autographed Book 1 & 2 of her Indecision’s Flame series emailed her. 

Amber Homer of Boise, Idaho was one lucky recipient. “I’m so excited I won your books!!! I love reading and I admire those who put their passion on paper. I’ll definitely write a review after I read them,” Homer wrote. 

She also promised to pass it along to daughters, Makenna & Kaila (pictured). 

If you have not checked out JS Ririe’s books, you should do so.

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Here is a synopsis of Book 1. Indecision’s Flame by JS Ririe

Brylee Hawkins was going home, but it wasn’t for a happy reunion. She was there to confront her father, so she could return to the man of her dreams and get married. But the Australian Outback wasn’t the place she remembered, and the truth behind her mother’s unexpected death wasn’t the only reality that would toss her into a quagmire of doubt, suspicion and self-doubt. Lies, cover-ups and betrayals abounded – including a new family, a dangerously seductive ranch hand and the realization that everything she had believed to be true about her past was only an illusion created to protect her. 

Will she be strong enough to fight the demons alone, or will she sink into a dark abyss and lose everything, including her soul? 

Praises for Indecision’s Flame:

“The chemistry between the character had me turning pages anxiously for more. What an exciting book.” – Cathy M.

“This is a romance that has it all – complex characters, an exotic location that captures the reader’s imagination. Mesmerizing. Best of all, Brylee is a heroine for the 21st century. She is an accomplished, talented, confident and independent woman who captures your heart.” – Peggy O.

“I’m totally hooked on this book and cannot wait for the rest of the story!” – Joan M.

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