Book Review: School Shooter by Thorsten Nesh

Thorsten Nesch, is one of the coolest writers we’ve had on our blog, “Grolar”, was one of the most original books last year, and he’s back with: “School Shooter.“ Yes, you can bet that this will be a splendid book. Why do we say this? Because Thorsten Nesch is one of those writers that pack his books with original, wild, unexpected plots and valuable content with depth.

With a surprising start, Thorsten Nesch catches our attention and kicks the plot onwards with the main character. His narrative moves from first to third person perspective with ease and we don’t notice until we stop to think about what happened. This fluidic shift and the simple description of the scenarios create a cinematic feel for the reading experience.

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Readers will love how fast the book moves and the feeling of progress you will get when the chapters speed by because of Nesch’s narrative. He made the book easy to read, enhancing our urge to reading more, and faster, which is exactly what he wants, because the tension rises by the paragraph. Very nice.

The emotions, perceptions, motivations and internal struggles of characters have depth and add weight to the story. It’s amazing how easily Thorsten Nesch can make the book interesting by showing what his characters are thinking and feeling in a split second, and explain their backgrounds with so few words!

The characters’ unique approaches to the situation of crisis feel real. This allows readers to identify with them more. The author also uses characters to show stark emotional differences between genres. It’s interesting to see how he can do it with subtlety and make it believable and clear.

Although the book is suspenseful, there is humor from the characters that fit their ages complete with logic and wit.

We love how the author allows characters to debate plausible reasons for school shootings and try to make sense of it all within.

After a while, you realize the intentions of the author with this book. To show the uncertainty that “survivors” of a shooting have when trapped and how important it is sometimes to stay put. He also takes a chance to go into the thought process of teens and kids, and how they try to understand the whole situation emotionally.

The author, we assume, shows how poorly these situations are handled by the authorities, parents, and “higher ups”. It’s fascinating how “oblivious” most people want to be when things like this happen. There’s an important mention of how the police are ready to intervene with small crimes, but not so much in the big ones.

This book is interesting and demands a deep reflection of society and the standards of courage and integrity required. It is the lack of caring in people and especially in our homes that creates criminals.

This story is a critical piece of work that everyone should read and reflect upon. Excellent job by Thorsten Nesch. Grab your book and be intrigued by his brilliant social commentaries inside this novel. This is a valuable read with great plot-twist in the end, so grab your copy of “School Shooter” now and enjoy.


Incredible way to address school shootings and the social causes of it without blame.

Incredible philosophical depth with an emotional touch to it.

Perfect narrative and pace that rises and steadies itself when needed.

GREAT ending, with an incredible plot twist and deep emotional messages that make the entire read worth it

Great suspense scenes and build-ups that lead to a thrilling read.

Realistic characters with diverse personalities and depth.


The book could have moved a little faster in some parts.

•Lesson of the book: “Hugs save lives.”

•Favorite Character: Nina

•Cover Score: 8.0/10

•Book score: 8.4/10

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