Book Trailers and Book Ads: Why They Are Useful Tools!

Book Ads and BookTrailers WORK!

Now, some people will tell you that no one will buy a book after seeing a book trailer. My response…

Do you watch movie trailers before you see a movie?

Do you look at the photo on social media posts before reading an article?

Do you look at a book cover before you decide to investigate it further?

That’s my point!

With a million (under exaggeration) books out there, most badly created, poorly edited, with unattractive covers, densely packed on a bookshelves, or ordered on a webpage…

What makes your book stand out?

What do people know about your book?

How do they know that?

Regardless of their quality, YOU are still in competition with THEM!  Your only way to let everyone know about your book is by SCREAMING IT out there, personally contacting people who can help promote your title. Use your contacts: not everyone has those.  You can also take out PAID ADVERTISING.  Paid advertising works if you have a good audience as well as… a WELL-DESIGNED BOOK AD.



A good book trailer should grab the viewer’s attention, offer a tease, a taste of the contents, the plot, without revealing anything substantial. In the same way that a movie trailer plays a large part in your decision whether to see a movie at the theater or wait for release on a streaming channel, your book trailer can inspire the viewer to purchase your book immediately.

Are you looking for an affordable book trailer or ad?

Let me make one for you.

See the Book Trailer  I made for Bestselling Author, JC Ryan.

This trailer is 3 minutes long because of the complexity of the novel. The length of your book trailer should be based on the information you wish to convey. For an action story like the one above, a longer trailer allows for multiple suspense elements to be included. Other options include voice narration, interview with the author, shorter length, thematic imagery and videos, a variety of music, all designed to grab your attention.

And affordable, too. Did I say ‘affordable?’ Very affordable!  


I’d like to discuss your options, suggest features and content of your book trailer and offer you a guaranteed low price, as well as a completion timeframe.  Please complete the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’d like to explore the J.C. Ryan bestselling ‘Rex Dalton’ thrillers, or his many other books, click HERE.