What Happened?

We’ve delayed the June issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine (as you likely figured out by now) as there are format changes ahead. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Look for the June issue out the 15th.

So What’s the Deal?

Well, we’ve looked at all the ways our readers like reading our content and the winner is having it on the Website and not having to download things. And that’s fine, however it requires a bit of adjustment on our part.

What To Look Forward To!

You’ll see the same content, only it will be right in front of your face. You can select STORIES or INTERVIEWS or BOOKSTORE or ARTICLES and get a list of what is there, what is new…and so on. Our goal is simple: We want to feature as many authors as we can. We want the interviews to be RELEVANT for new writers and interesting to existing authors.

And we’re adjusting our name to….

Books ‘N Pieces Magazine presents….


Thanks for your patience. See you soon!