COVER REVEAL AUGUST 2022 Books & Pieces Magazine – 70 pages

The August issue of Books & Pieces Magazine is filled, at 70 pages, with interviews, stories, articles, and a new section…

Writing Tips

which is geared to new writers (and experienced writers still making the same old mistakes.)

Items covered include formatting, mistakes editors hate, reasons your story gets rejected, writing instruments, vocabulary, and more.

Our cover interview is international bestselling author of ‘Wrong Time Wrong Place,’ David P. Perlmutter.  David’s had an interesting life that transcends writing. Perhaps you’ve seen him in a commercial with Idris Alba?

Our other interviews are with Mack Little, a fascinating author with a colorful history. And Dr. Teresa Cody who wrote a book about the miracle of Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP).

Short stories from Joe Giordano (his second with us), Bryan Schwartzman, Chere Taylor,  and David Sheskin. You’ll enjoy these.

‘BooksEnds’ review from award-winning author Jill Hedgecock and ‘Tales from the Script’ by ScriptDoc Lance Thompson.

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