INTERVIEW REQUESTS for Authors, Agents & Publicists.

Would You Like to Be Interviewed in
Books & Pieces Magazine?

How we approach interviews: We generally invite authors to be interviewed. If we invite the author to be interviewed, there is no charge to the author. If you have not been invited and wish to be interviewed, we will consider your request with a few conditions:

First, you must have some measure of success, either a bestselling author, have an interesting story to tell or are repped by a publicist contacting us for an interview.

Second, we retain the right to decline an interview if we feel your work does not warrant inclusion. This might happen for many reasons: lack of success, lack of professionalism in material, not suitable content, or other reasons.

Third, we do charge for the interview and publication. Here’s why. You will notice very few ads in the publication and website. We try to focus on content and not an abundance of advertising. That said, we do need to have a revenue stream in order to survive.

We charge $170 for a comprehensive interview, including images, covers, links, and generally interesting questions that are not simply regurgitated from other publications.

We also include a half-page ad with the interview. You can design it, or we can design it (we don’t charge for designs.)


The Process of the Interview: We prefer to conduct interviews by email. We’ve found it is easy to get information written incorrectly or not coming across as intended when we audio-record interviews.

• First, we take the information you offer us.
• We research you.
• We formulate interesting questions (we’re often praised on our level of research) and offer you a wide range of questions. You do not have to answer any you feel you would rather not answer. You can also take your time answering in as much depth as you wish.
• We will correct your spelling and obvious grammatical mistakes, but we will not change your words without first contacting you. We want you to shine, and that includes how the answers are presented.
• We ask for imagery (photos) that have not been overused. Many authors have standard headshots or images that are used in every interview. We prefer not to repeat that. We may ask you to shoot some selfies with your phone or suggest better shots you can take. Cell phones have fantastic cameras these days. You do not need to get a professional photographer (although that will always give you the best images.)
• We also ask for a first chapter, or portion of the first chapter of your latest work to include with the interview. This gives readers an immediate taste of your style, along with links to buy or pre-order.
• You also give us the right to reprint the interview under the Books & Pieces Magazine banner, in other formats.

We cannot guarantee you a cover if you elect to be interviewed, but we do base that decision on available imagery and what we believe best serves the publication.
• And your interview will also run on our website after publication, before the following issue, giving you an added boost across social media platforms.
• Print copies are available from Amazon, if you wish to have physical copies. We’ve managed to keep the cost down to approximately $5.99. You are not obligated to buy anything and you will have a PDF copy available for you to use as you wish.

The Schedule: Please note that due to demand, we usually schedule interviews a few issues ahead. If you are in a rush, we will do our best to accommodate you sooner. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can schedule your interview.

About Us: We’ve managed to stay in business since 2017 without drowning our readers in advertising because the publisher—also a bestselling author: William Gensburger—believes it is important to have an outlet for writers, especially given how difficult it is for new writers to have their voices heard and the ever-decreasing number of writing publications out there. He also recognizes that authors are usually tight on funds available for marketing, so always tries to maximize exposure for everyone in the magazine.

Testimonials: You can read some testimonials from bestselling authors and publicists below.

“I loved working with Books & Pieces Magazine—from the interview to the amazing, visual cover, it was such a treat and honor to be featured!” Tosca Lee -NYT bestselling author.
“Working with Books n Pieces has been a wonderful experience!  Their professionalism and attention to detail is incredible, and I know that when I book my authors for their magazine, the exposure and quality showing exhibited will always showcase my clients’ branding perfectly” Mickey Mikkelson, Owner Creative Edge Publicity
“Being featured in the magazine has introduced me to new readers, which has been amazing.” Steena Holmes, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling author.
“What an interesting collection of authors you were able to speak with. Everyone should be quite pleased!” Joanne Pence, award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author.

Are You Ready to Proceed? The best way to proceed is to email us: Editor at Tell us about yourself, give us links to some work. Allow us to check you out and get back to you, usually within a few days. We may have some added questions, but usually, we can let you know right then. Publicists & Agents: please email us Editor at with information about your client(s). The prices listed above are applicable. If you wish to secure a three, six, or twelve month contract, we are happy to offer a discount on the rates. We look forward to hearing from you.