An Interview with Miranda Oh, Romantic Comedy Author

Local Winnipeg author, Miranda Oh, exploded onto the literary scene with her debut novel Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out in March of 2016. Critics and readers alike were fascinated with the novel which focused on the character of Hadley, a girl who thought she had it all and knew everything there was about life, until one day she meets someone who changes everything for her emotionally. With the fear of losing everything, Hadley travels halfway across the world to fight for what she feels she deserves and is justifiably hers, overcoming incredible odds in a story filled with love, tears, and learning life lessons.

The second novel, When All Else Fails Chin Up Tits Out, published by Couronne Publishing continues the story of Hadley, only now she is now married and is ecstatic that she will be seeing her husband after years of fighting with immigration. Only now, Hadley’s life takes a turn for the worse as an unexpected diagnosis threatens to change Hadley’s life and married dreams forever.

Miranda has written a story that has elements of love, passion, and the series in total has been compared to Sex and The City in some circles.

Q: Chin-up, Tits Out. Two books now. At what point did you decide you could be a writer, and succeed as a quirky one? What sparked that?

A: Two books, will be three by spring of 2019, can’t wait, this summer will be a blast writing the final piece of the story. You know those moments in life when you think to yourself, ‘dang, how did I get here?’? Well, I was in a lot of those moments throughout my 20’s, and every time those moments passed, a little light inside of my lit up, and said, ‘Girl, you got a story to tell!’ So when things got a little…calmer in my life, I finally had the gumption, the patience, and the strength in writing it out. 

Did you just call me a successful quicker writer? Well that just made my day, THANK YOU!  Just kidding, I write how I tell my stories in real life. I talk snarky  sarcasm, and with a twisted sense of humor… why? Because life is life; I might as well try and find some humor in it, and enjoy every moment I can, even the dark ones. I try to walk through life with an open heart and open mind, learning and watching from all things around me. When you are so open to what the universe has to offer, the MOST interesting things tend to happen. I simply document them, find a way to spin it positive, find growth and have a good laugh. 

 Q: Did anyone try to talk you out of it? If so, what did they say?

A: Haters are going to hate, William, we choose to hear ‘em or not! I simply don’t hear them. When I set my mind to something, I do it. It wasn’t only an opportunity to share my story, there was a sense of healing through it, and there was a sense of connection that came from sharing my story, I related with my readers from around the world. The non-tangible benefits from writing this series has outweighed any expectations I set myself. No one could have talked me out of this one.

Q: What’s your writing process like (if there is one)? Computer or paper? Set times or as the mood strikes?

 A: When I set out to write a book, my process when starting I write every day until I am done draft one. I usually end up writing about 5-6 days out of the week for about a three weeks. But only during the evenings and weekends, because I do have a full time career as well. After that; it is editing and rewriting for a month or so. My writing consumes me, I will typically hibernate for that time and you’ll maybe see me out only once a week. Like a bear in hibernation, it is best to not poke that bear either while I am writing. Leave me be, please. 

 Q: Your biography offers little beyond the professional info. What do you do for fun, and how much of that related to your writing?

 A: As much as we won’t admit it out loud, we all judge a book by its cover, so my cover is professional! But fun is where I live, regardless of what I am doing, I am always jamming out to tunes, it ranges; pending on mood, from Classic Rock and Jazz, to Hip Hop and Electronic music–you know, for working out and such. I enjoy working out, my schedule doesn’t always permit a gym session, but outdoor runs, body weight exercise or yoga all are a constant in my life. I love to experiment with cooking, as long as I have wine to drink, while I cook. Priorities. It is all about the priorities. 

 My family means everything to me; they’re an amazing bunch of loud, loving, human beings. My friends are my pillars in life, and often wind up as culprits, victims or accessories to my stories; without them, Chin Up Tits Out wouldn’t have happened. 

 Q: How long did Book 1 take from start to finished product and what surprised you, disappointed you, during the process.

A: Book 1 was a completely different experience and approach than book 2. Book 1 was four, four-hour writing sessions, and then I passed it off to my publishing team to help refine and work on it. I felt, as a human, not as an author, that I needed to get that one off my chest, and move on. 

 Book 2, super different. For that one I was writing every day for weeks, and then editing, and rewriting for a month. Only then did I let two strategic people in my life read it and edit it, prior to me sending it off to my actual editor. I called on my mom and a friend from work. They both offered me a unique mindset that helped me refine the story even more. I wanted to evoke more emotion from the story, and they were key to achieving that. 

 Absolutely nothing disappointed me in any of this process. It was trying, frustrating, and emotionally exhausting. Some days I questioned why I was doing it, although looking back, it all happened the way it was meant to happen, and that’s 100 percent okay with me. I have the future to look forward to. 

 Q: Your self-labeled tag-line (twisted humor, inappropriate laughter and the dirty, loud inner (bitchy) voice) is a fun way to describe yourself. Do you ever encounter resistance from potential readers, or are they enamored by those personality traits?

 A: Most people that I have come across have been enamored by it. , They think I am NORMAL?! What? 

I have had some resistance regarding  the ‘realness’ of my story. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we make them more than once, twice or three times…. Eventually we all learn, when we are ready. Keeping a Chin Up Tits Out attitude no matter how clouded our judgment may be– there’s no judgment, just move forward, and be positive–it will all work out. It always does in time. If you want to resist that idealism, that is totally cool. Whatever floats your boat! 


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