John 16.33: A Poem by ROLY ANDREWS

John 16.33


The ship and the promise contained within were a mirage.

She cursed her damned hope.

She cursed the wind.

Why did it blow so shallow, so hollow?

Whispering zephyrs offered little but vacant noise.

Leave me be, she cried.

She needed more than words.

She needed salve to heal her wounds.

Love to give her strength and dreams to nourish and savor.

Raising her hand against the breeze,

She shouted, enough. I alone will fight the fight.

I alone will forge my path.

The wind stopped.

She smiled and continued walking.

This time searching for salvation on her own terms.

Nb: This is a companion piece to John 3:8 – published previously.  


Roly Andrews lives in Nelson, NZ. In his spare time, he enjoys tramping. After many years of practicing, he is still trying to learn to play the trombone! A champion for everyone, he has mentored rough sleepers and supported people affected by suicide. He advocates for the rights of people living with disabilities. 

You can find him at