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New author, Ashley Adams, has her first published romance novel: The Zero-G Club : Lust & Honor coming out March 1. It’s not a book I have published; however, the cover design is mine, so I thought I would give her a plug. New authors need all the help they can get. The story is a hot romance set in space. A young female technician (fem-tech) aboard a battle spaceship, comes aboard with one goal—to join the galactic equivalent of the Mile High Club. This requires her to have sex on the bridge in the captain’s chair, a somewhat impossible thing to do. However, her goal gets sidetracked as the ship is attacked and she is suddenly propelled into action, pushed beyond her abilities, to help save the lives of everyone on board.

Ashley gave me a Beta copy to read and the story is quite solid, the pace quite quick and the ending leaves you wanting to know more, all signs of a good story.

Her Beta readers gave her the following reviews:

“One Hot Space Saga.” – Victor Alvarado

“Space travel better be this much fun.” – Shoreena Thompson

“Please, please, get book two written soooooon.” – Cammie Bremmer

It is on pre-order on Amazon until March 1 when it will officially be released. The pre-order price is just 99 cents, and the price will be higher after release, I am told.

I am also designing the cover for Book 2 which I am allowed to tell you is titled: The Zero-G Club : Faith & Destiny.

And finally, Ashley would love it if you are a fan of romance/sci-fi, to join her mailing list at

Her Website is at