Finish With Engine: Having been sunk twice by enemy action in the North Sea and saved both times, Frank Reilly’s luck had to change. His promotion to the captaincy of the 6,000 ton merchant ship, the SS Benmacdhui after the last sinking, was as much welcome as it was a surprise. From day one his new responsibility is plagued with anomalies, riddles and intrigue. A battle with his conscience, his crew and the enemy becomes daily routine. A test for the new captain’s resolve, but deeper undercurrents are at play.No one reckoned with the attack on Pearl Harbour, or the perfidy of people surrounding him, but then no one reckoned with Frank Reilly.

Based on the mystery of the Hong Kong 1 cent coin and the perfidy of politics in 1941. Finish With Engine attempts to fill some of the holes in the history books. Click > to learn more/buy (Kindle/Print)




HK 1 cent coin. Learn more HERE.



Author Robin Melhuish enjoys historical novels based on reality. His previous books include:

All That Remains: A tale of circumstance, a chance find in a junk shop and an old war vet’s tale that leads to the love of Alastair’s life and uncovers a trail of lies and deceit that goes back decades. The devious connivance of the unscrupulous, on all sides, in WWII to defraud their nations of millions before the war ends. The story of babies bred for the Third Reich and the mothers that gave their bodies, some more freely than others. Then love gets in the way, the rest is history. A family branded by the sins of the past a woman tormented by love and deception. All leading to the discovery of the worlds greatest undiscovered robbery.
It’s all smoke and mirrors, it’s all fake, or is it? Why did they wait 30 years before telling the story? Click > to learn more/buy (Kindle/Print)


The Quiet Way: A railway tanker explodes in 1946 in post war Germany, no one can conceive the significance 64 years later. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Hanks is confronted with a dilemma, two options, either of which could be true, either of which could be false. In a race against time Hanks and his team try to prevent the biggest peacetime disaster that Britain if not the world has seen. Click > to read more/buy (Kindle/Print)