Not Only is Idaho the Fastest Growing State in the Country….

Not only is Idaho, and the Boise, Treasure Valley area the fastest growing state/community in the United States, but  also has a HUGE community of writers, artists, theatre, music & symphony, and more….

I noted this in the last issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, a surprise to many who think of Idaho as some backwater village. This is not a secret for many Californians who, over the last twenty years, have left the coast and migrated here.

With its current growth projected to continue, look forward to Idaho becoming a heavy cultural center for many creative types. You do know Hemingway has a house in Ketchum, Idaho where he lived the last years of his life, right?

Why am I telling you all this? Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is read across the globe, but our base is in Idaho. Now that we have a print edition of the magazine, we will focus on many of the writers and people in our area. If you are a new writer, you may consider what Idaho has to offer. Without the massive competition in larger cities, your work can get noticed a lot faster.
























You can click the images or read the entire issue HERE.

In our upcoming issue (out August 1), we will include even more content, calendar, lots of interesting local content, as well as tips and tools for writers (yes, even if you do not live in Idaho, you will enjoy the ocntent.)

If you are a local Idaho writer, get in touch with me. I am more than happy to help promote your work. I also belong to the Idaho Writers’ Guild, and encourage other writers in the area to join.