? One Happy (Peter James) Book Winner

Steve Cattrell, who won the personalized and autographed hardback of Peter James‘ Absolute Proof, sent us this photo after receiving his copy. 

We hope he enjoys it, and also wish to thank Peter James for taking the time to do the signing (he was out of the country promoting his new book.)

Steve Cattrell holding his personalized, autographed copy from Peter James.

From Peter’s Website:

“Absolute Proof is a thriller that grips from the outset but it’s also incredibly thought-provoking, asking some of life’s biggest questions about science and faith, setting big pharma and high church on a collision course that could change the world. I was thrilled when Peter asked me to provide the narration for his latest, most compelling book.”

 – Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey)

Investigative reporter Ross Hunter nearly didn’t answer the phone call that would change his life – and possibly the world – for ever.

‘I’d just like to assure you I’m not a nutcase, Mr Hunter. My name is Dr Harry F. Cook. I know this is going to sound strange, but I’ve recently been given absolute proof of God’s existence – and I’ve been advised there is a writer, a respected journalist called Ross Hunter, who could help me to get taken seriously.’

What would it take to prove the existence of God? And what would be the consequences?

The false faith of a billionaire evangelist, the life’s work of a famous atheist, and the credibility of each of the world’s major religions are all under threat. If Ross Hunter can survive long enough to present the evidence….

If you would like to read Absolute Proof, you can get it on Amazon >  https://amzn.to/2DYYfjh

Be sure to visit Peter’s Website at www.PeterJames.com

If you have not read my interview with Peter in the August 2018 issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, you can do so HERE. BTW, print copies are still available directly from me for $5 each (includes postage). Click HERE to buy one now.

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