The June 2024 Issue of Books & Pieces Magazine is Ready for YOU!

We have another large issue filled with stories, articles, poetry, artwork and even music. 

INTERVIEW WITH: • John R. Miles, Author, Keynote Speaker, Empowering personal and professional growth.

CONTRIBUTORS:  • Reeve Chudd   •Ali Ashha  • Anji Brown  •Michael Barrington • Edwin Lockridge  • E.W. Farnsworth  • Wayne Burke  • David Perlmutter •Jill Hedgecock  • Matthew Hughes  • Addisen Gensburger • William Gensburger • Facts • Product Review • Cooking & more…

Read it below.  We use this flip-page magazine format, which is easy to navigate. You can even watch videos that we have added (PDF downloads do not have this feature.)

Here’s the key for a great reading experience.

The four squares shows thumbnails
The cloud with down arrow allows you to download a PDF
The printer to print
The + sign to magnify—easier to double click the page for zoom in/out
The [  ] symbol makes it full-screen size. 

Enjoy. Please share the link and let us know what you think.

If you need the ePub version, please let me know HERE.

If you have trouble reading his, HERE is a direct link.


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