The October Issue of B&P is Coming Soon! 90+ pages packed.

I know it’s a tease, but I am excited that the next issue is coming out. 

Hiding the new cover!

We’ve spent this year testing out different formats, hoping to have a standard print edition that would be readily (and affordably) available. As of now, that solution is still POD via Amazon. The quality is excellent, and I do not need to order huge quantities. 

The other thing we have focused on is readers and how they are reading the publication. Fancy layouts don’t work so well on an e-reader, and who wants to keep zooming in and out. So this issue is based upon a 6” x 9” which allows a decent print book, and a decent PDF/ePub that you can read without a magnifying glass. 

This issue features authors: Craig DiLouie, Edward Willett, Richard Paolinelli, Jill Hedgecock, JS Ririe, and screenwriter Lance Thompson. Our excellent stories are from Sue Ellen Herring, Jay Seate, Salvatore Difalco and Charles Hitchcock.

We also offer three book chapters from JS Ririe, Kurt Koontz and Danielle Calloway, and articles from Jeri Walker (Wine While Writing), the Mike Wells Author Challenge, Dealing with the Createspace/Kindle Print Merger, and Book Reviews by Jill Hedgecock (and my review of her excellent new book Rhino in the Room.

The magazine will be out the middle of next week. The digital versions are FREE to read. If you want a print copy, it will be available on Amazon at the start of the month. I’ll be giving away some print copies, so let me know if you’re interested (leave a comment.) Cover reveal will be tomorrow. 


We ARE accepting ads for the magazine, the website and more. Our ads are mix and match how you wish to advertise and our rates very reasonable. If you’d like some added exposure for your authors/books let me know at and I’ll get you the information.