URGENT: Authors Need to Read This! Publicists, too!

URGENT: Authors Need to Read This! Publicists, too!

As a magazine publisher, one of the biggest problems I encounter during layouts is imagery; specifically the fact that most authors have low-resolution headshots and book cover images, totally unsuited to any print publication.

Your print images should be at least 300 dpi to ensure a high quality image.

Yes, they look great on the computer screen or smartphone or Website, BUT these pictures are low resolution, often smaller sized images at 72 dpi. DPI means dots per inch. On a small monitor, 72 dots in the space of one inch is not bad. And images sized to fit on the screen also look fine, unless you try to magnify them. 

In a printed book, magazine or newspaper, 72 dpi will result in very blurry, pixelated images that look terrible. Your print images should be at least 300 dpi and sized for 2 inches for a headshot and 4 or 5 inches for other images to be placed in a magazine print page. 

While you may be pandering strictly to a digital audience, you should realize that print publications are very much strong forms of exposure for your book, even if you do not offer a print version of the novel. Newspapers and other media (television) may wish to run a story about you, but with low resolution imagery, it is unlikely they will do much. 

This year, as layouts were being assembled, Books ‘N Pieces Magazine had to search for higher resolution book covers for many of our listings within stories, and our bookstore pages. Sometimes, after checking for an author page with added imagery, or checking with the author, the Internet offered better resolutions. Usually though, this was not the case. As a result, even though some Photoshop magic was used to upgrade these images, the end sizes remained small. In one or two instances, a visit to the bookstore was in order to take a photo of the book cover for a better image. That is added time and frustration.

Below are some examples of images at differing resolutions from our latest cover.

(left) Web quality 72 dpi cover                         (right) 72 dpi cover as it would look printed

So what can you do? Maintain an image gallery of both high and low resolution images, available to the public and press. That way you have both handy. Include added imagery, fun images, so that there are differences in the stories run. Include press clippings and other related information that helps someone to write about you and your book(s).

International bestselling crime author, Peter James (Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, August 2018 issue), has a Website that is well set up to cover all possibilities. In particular he has a MEDIA link that offers a PRESS PACK which includes everything a reporter or feature writer might need to put a story together.

You can see from this screenshot that his site is prepped for readers, reviewers and writers alike. You can visit his page at www.PeterJames.com.

Please make a point of upgrading your available imagery, including headshots and full body shots of yourself. It can make a difference in your promotions.

Publicists and publishers, please also ensure that your clients have this material ready. I know that I will be the first to thank you.


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