Dear Reader,

In trying to ensure that Books & Pieces Magazine is more than just a conduit for stories and interviews, I would like to know what YOU would like to see in the magazine. Please share by email William (at) or in the comments below (note, comments are moderated to avoid spam).

We are EXPANDING. New features start with the upcoming June issue. We want to welcome a new columnist, Lance Thompson, a noted writer, screenwriter/script doctor who will write about screenplays.

In a future issue, we will be adding poets, painters, photographers, musicians, and more—more than just a writing magazine, the ‘Pieces’ part of Books & Pieces Magazine.

We are developing a bookstore that will include books we’ve covered, books we like, even used books you can buy, products you might like, and more. We want Books & Pieces Magazine to be a fun and interesting read, both on our website and our magazine.

But we need YOUR help. We need to know what YOU like to read. What makes it interesting for you? Our readership is growing rapidly, and our reach is increasing—we even get story submissions from places like Poland. I’m glad. But let’s make it even better.

And we do not charge you for the magazine (unless you want a print copy that you can buy from Amazon). Because it is free, we need ADVERTISERS. Our rates are low to make it attractive, and as you can see, most are full-page ads. You would be surprised how inexpensive it is.

Authors without agents or publicists wishing to publicize their book can get an even better ad rate. We support indie authors, and as an author, I know how difficult and expensive it can be to get noticed.

The June issue will be out at the end of May. We hope you like the format and enjoy the contents.

I look forward to hearing from you.

~William Gensburger



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