Writing can be QWERKY!

I added a new tool to my arsenal, always searching for that perfect writing tool. I type a lot on the iPad, but hate typing on screen. The Bluetooth keyboards that come with it are not much better. And I have tried a lot of them.
Recently I spotted an ad on Facebook for a device that looked like an old style manual typewriter. It was called QWERKYWRITER and offered the tactile sensation people like me enjoy, the clak-clak-clak of the keys. After deliberating for a few weeks, I finally took the plunge and bought one.
Once I received it I immediately put it to use. For HOURS! I wrote a 4,900 word short story, just having an absolutely fun time doing so.
It is wonderful to have a typewriter back, even if it uses no paper. And the return bar is a hard return. It is a solid writing tool.
I’ve included a few photos. If you have any questions let me know.  [Note: There are similar keyboards for a lower price, but a closer examination made me decide against it.]

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