STORY REJECTED? Do You Want to Know Why?

Editors don’t have the time to offer personalized cliques why your story was rejected. In addition, there are many reasons why your story did not make the cut. It could be the wrong theme at the wrong time, or it could be that the story was flat. Perhaps there was no conflict, no dialog, improper formatting, bad grammatical construction, or something else.

We know that it is disheartening to receive a form rejection. It also does not help you, the author, to determine whether some changes, or edits to your manuscript are called for.

So we would like to make you an offer. ONE FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS. This can be for a story you submitted to us, or a rejection you got elsewhere.


THE FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS will tell you, in general terms, why your story did not work. It will not tell you how to fix it, that’s a premium service, but it will give you an idea that you can work on yourself. [Note: You are under no obligation to buy anything further.]


If you wish for more details, including suggested fixes/changes, we do offer that as a premium service that you can buy as one-time in-depth analysis/help per story for $20 or unlimited in-depth analysis/help for $50 for that story. If you want to include a half-hour video/audio chat to discuss it, add $25.

You may choose to add-on service after your FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS is complete, but you are under no obligation to do so. The offers will be added at the end of your FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS WORKSHEET and you can decide that time.

• One FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS per author. (Your story does not have to have been rejected by Books & Pieces Magazine; you can submit a story rejected from a different outlet.)

• You must submit using the form on this page, or the link provided. Do not email your story directly unless instructed to do so. Failure to follow instructions will result in your submission deleted.

• By completing the form and submitting to us for a FREE BASIC STORY ANALYSIS, you agree to the rules listed on this page and understand that you will receive a generalized evaluation about why your story was rejected. This evaluation is based on our criteria and may not be applicable to other publications. You understand that there is no charge for this evaluation. You also understand that you may purchase premium service add-ons if you wish to obtain information how to improve, repair, adjust your story to maximize its potential for publication. You also acknowledge that using our service and add-on services does not guarantee your story will be published. Our services are a guide to assist you to improve the quality of your story.