Books & Pieces Magazine was formed in 2017 to give a voice to new authors, a place where their short stories could be published next to a bestselling author interview, where they could learn tips and tricks from those who came before them, to find a community of writers and grow.

We wanted readers to gain valuable insights from all the content, helping them to refine their own writing, find ideas, and encouragement, learn tricks and tips that other authors use and find helpful.

Most of all, we wanted Books & Pieces Magazine to be a fun and enjoyable read.

We’ve had the good fortune to interview many authors, some giant names, such as Robert J Sawyer, Peter James, and many bestsellers, like Tosca Lee, J.C. Ryan, Mike Wells, to name a few. We’ve even had an interview with ‘Game of Thrones’ author George RR Martin.


Books & Pieces Magazine can help you get published!

For new authors, it is often difficult to obtain help without it being a costly venture. Books & Pieces Magazine offers services to writers, from cover design, story critiques, editing and proofing, layouts, and publishing. And also, writing classes are structured to help writers find the biggest pitfalls in their early steps and assist them in reaching a publication goal. Our imprint is B & P Books.

We’ve worked with many new authors who have gone on to reach bestseller status and a career in writing. You can learn more on our Testimonials page and read what they have to say.

We enjoy hearing from writers and invite you to ask questions, either publicly or privately. We always respond. Our email is below.

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William Gensburger