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Books & Pieces Magazine has been publishing interviews with bestselling and up-and-coming authors since 2017. The magazine has a wide reach, especially in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. It is primarily a digital publication, although one of the outlets offers the opportunity to create a print copy. It is FREE to read from the Books & Pieces website.

Some of our notable interviews have included science fiction giant Robert J. Sawyer, UK bestselling crime author Peter James, bestselling legend George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones), NY Times bestselling author Tosca Lee, and bestselling thriller author J.C. Ryan, to name just a few.

In addition to interviews, we feature short stories, buying two to three each issue from the many submissions that we receive. If we believe a rejected submission has merit we will reach out to the author with suggestions to revise and resubmit.

REACH: Books & Pieces Magazine has an ongoing increasing audience. As of June 2022, we estimate our reach to be in the 20,000 range or more based on viewer stats and traffic reports. These are people who visited our website, read the issues available, or other pages of content. Source traffic came from our mailing list of subscribers, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok) either through followers or through our use of advertising and/or hashtags when posting on the sites. Other sources include affiliate websites, supporters of the magazine through their website reposts, contributor reposts on their social media, and advertising in general.

We are a target market appealing to a wide age range of newer writers, lovers of short stories, and those interested in our interviews with best-selling authors, many of whom are large name authors such as George R.R. Martin, Peter James (UK’s number one crime author), Robert J. Sawyer (major US science fiction author), to name a few.  We also offer the publication as a PDF (single page or spread), ePub downloaded from our site, and flip-page on our site and also at Print editions are available on Amazon. We’ve tried to keep the print price as low as possible. 


Books & Pieces Magazine is an advertising-supported magazine. Primarily advertisers will be publicists, publishers, authors, and/or their agents. We’ve tried keeping our ad rates low compared to many other publications. We’ve managed to stay in business because the publisher is also a bestselling author: William Gensburger. He believes it is important to have an outlet for new writers, especially given how difficult it is for new writers to have their voices heard and the ever-decreasing number of writing publications out there.

“I loved working with Books & Pieces Magazine—from the interview to the amazing, visual cover, it was such a treat and honor to be featured!”
 Tosca Lee -NYT bestselling author.

“Working with Books n Pieces has been a wonderful experience!  Their professionalism and attention to detail is incredible, and I know that when I book my authors for their magazine, the exposure and quality showing exhibited will always showcase my clients’ branding perfectly”
Mickey Mikkelson, Owner Creative Edge Publicity

“Being featured in the magazine has introduced me to new readers, which has been amazing.” 

Steena Holmes, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling author.

“What an interesting collection of authors you were able to speak with. Everyone should be quite pleased!”

Joanne Pence, award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author.


We invite you to look at the advertising opportunities we offer. We also offer to create the ad material at no added charge. Once paid for, it belongs to you and may be used elsewhere (you will receive the files). We also are happy to work with authors directly and offer zero finance charge payments for services and advertising.

We like creative approaches. As such, we love including your events, author events, past signings, or events (pictures) which we happily include at no charge for our advertisers. We encourage you to take advantage of this.


Print/digital advertising rates for the Books & Pieces Magazine are listed in the graphic to the left. If you wish to combine issue ads with website ads, we can offer an added discount.


We minimize the number of ads running on our Website. Placements are monthly with discounts for longer runs. There are currently three placements:

(1) Beneath the current issue (approx 600 px x 100 px) with a base rate of $160 per month (10% discount for 3 month run). This ad only appears on the homepage.

(2) Sidebar ad (approx 300px x 50 px) with a base rate of $100 per month (10% discount for 3 month run). This ad remains on all pages. 

(3) Post ad which is positioned at the end of a post. (This ad can be up to 600 px wide with no height restriction). The ad remains with that post indefinitely. $75 per month per post. This advantage is that your AD stays with the front page post until it cycles off. It never expires (unless you want it to). When the post link is clicked, the viewer is taken to the post page with your ad, and you have the opportunity to add more information along with your links.  

COMBINATION ADVERTISING: We are happy to accommodate you with ads in the publication and our website. We can also repost your ads across our social media platforms. Let’s chat about your ad needs.

Our deadlines are the 20th of the month preceding the issue month, although we do extend deadlines if needed. Generally, issues are released on the last day of the month before the issue date.

If you are looking for quality, targeted advertising, then Books & Pieces Magazine is where you want to be.

Take a few minutes and read the latest issue HERE and learn why this is the perfect publication for your advertising. You can contact me directly if you are interested in setting up advertising or discussing options available to you.

Thank you for your consideration.



William Gensburger, Publisher