AMERICAN DEAD, by William Gensburger

AMERICAN DEAD is the third in a three-book mystery series by bestselling author, William Gensburger.  The first book, TEXAS DEAD, was the winner of three awards, including the National Indie Book Award, and was set in Corpus Christi, Texas as celebrity detective Maxie Michaels follows the clues to a seemingly random murder, that leads to a local warlord, and his terrorist associate, Hassan.

The second book, ANGLE OF DEATH (yes, Angle, not Angel) continued the saga of heroine detective Maxie Michaels and her partner Kobe Jameson as they travel to Santa Barbara (Montecito, home of the exiled royals) to investigate a missing persons case. Ultimately this drags Maxie into some unfinished business from her past, as well as a resurgence of Hassan, putting all their lives in danger.

In AMERICAN DEAD, Maxie and friends must track down Hassan, now armed with a radioactive device he plans to detonate with the intention of bringing down American morale, and cementing his place as the biggest terror threat the world has known. In the non-stop finale, it’s a race for their very survival as the clock winds down to the execution of Hassan’s evil plan and the surprising finish he has in store.

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