Being Literal Means Having To Be Careful

The Internet is vast and wonderful. It is also dank and creepy. This is not more apparent than the care you need in selecting domain names.

Here are a handful that are cringeworthy, although harmless, after you interpret their true intent. If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh (and a cringe.)  Enjoy.

Whore Presents ( – if you are after a celebrity!

Molestation Nursery ( – They clued in to why their greens were not the kind visitors expected.

Got A Hoe? (

Penis Land ( – for all your pen needs.

Sydney The Rapist ( – likely decided those clients were not worth having, changed name to Surry Hills Therapy.

Kid Sex Change ( – where you can swap out kids stuff.

Speedo Fart ( – Speed of Art, actually.

Children Swear ( -What a diference an S in the wrong place makes.

Its Crap ( – Regency Technologies deals with scrap

Anal Emma ( – is really an educational site.

Cum Store ( – will build you a Website.

Butt Hats Not All ( – an As Seen on TV site.

What the above list serves to illustrate is the care with which we should choose our words, both in domain names and in our writing.

Having readers fully understand your intent is paramount to your writing being well received.

Likewise the placement of commas can affect the intention and meaning of the sentence. Like the popular Internet meme:

The difference between “helping your Uncle Jack, off his horse.” and “helping your uncle jack off his horse.”

Or a Walmart sign that limited the use of restrooms to “Disabled Elderly Pregnant Children,” which kept those bathrooms clean, no doubt.

Or “Let’s eat, dad.” or “Let’s eat dad.”

Of course, to fully understand the English language, you need to fall back on a classic I Love Lucy episode that you can watch HERE.