Can You Smell Summer Coming?

Now obviously summer is not an object with a smell. It is, however, associated with sights, sounds, and scents, so to say that I smell summer is not incorrect. It’s in the air, the feel of the sunlight on your face, the flowers that bloom, and the trees that regrow a thick foliage after a sparse winter, at least for those of you who get to enjoy seasons as I do.

 Spring is a rebirth. A resurrection. A new face to an old story and a shine to something dull. Spring holds promise, strength, and vitality. In our writing people rarely die in the springtime; more the gloom of winter that harkens the approach of death.

And as an author, I hope you are all once again creating new stories. If the number of submissions we receive is any indication, there are lots of writers so doing. Myself included.

But a word of caution. I want you to steer clear of actually, really, clearly, in fact, his own/her own, and many more redundant words that seem to pepper too many submissions. It was actually happening=it was happening. It was really good=It was good. Clearly, he was happy=He was happy. In fact, it was a tomato=It was a tomato. He got in his own car=he got in his car.

Happy Scents of Summer. Enjoy some pretty pictures.

Did you know we accept REPRINTS? We also accept photos, artwork, music, videos (we can embed them in our magazine and on our website). 

The June issue will be available in two weeks!