Coming Up in the April 2019 Issue….

The March issue featuring the interview with George R.R. Martin and Alan Brennert was hugely successful. You can read it FREE from our site, or from Amazon (Kindle Unlimited). The print issue, due to its size, was pricey, in full-color, and over 100 pages. We have revised the print issue reducing the size and dropping the price to $11.99 which, honestly, gives us no profit, but is as good as it can be from a price perspective. This issue just looks great in color. Future issues will have a black & white interior for print, yet full color for our digital editions.

For the April 2019 issue we have some NEW FEATURES including our “Author On The Street Interviews,” short questions posed to a wide range of authors––both bestsellers and fresh authors. You’ll enjoy the wide variety of responses.

We’re opening up our SHORT STORY SUBMISSIONS (be sure to read the guidelines and pay rates before submitting – submit from the main menu).

We will also be returning to black and white interior for our print edition which will allow us to lower the price even more. And our popular print size (6″x9″) allow our publication to be placed on your bookshelf. The digital edition will be full color as usual.

If you have not read Books ‘N Pieces Magazine yet, you should. Past issues are available on our Website and we have interviewed a wide range of authors including: George R.R. Martin, Robert J. Sawyer,  Peter James,  Tosca Lee, Steena Holmes, Eileen Cook,  Miranda Oh,  JC Ryan,  Mike Wells, Grant Faulkner,  Jim Christina, Robin Barefield, C.S. Lakin,  Devika Fernando,  Jas T. Ward,  Fiona Ingram, Arabella Sheraton, Kelly Charron,  Joanne Pence,  Tony Phillips, Alan Brennert, Stuart Horwitz,  Marc Rainer, Ellis Knox, Laura Lefkowitz,  A.C. Salter,  Robin Melhuish, Sarah L. Johnson,  Marc Watson and more.

We also accept your book advertising (see ad on the left) offering a wide audience exposure, in the publication, our Website and on Social Media, all at an extremely reasonable low rate

UNTIL THE JULY ISSUE: Full Page Ad $65 you can’t beat that–– ask me for details.) Your ad helps support the continuation of this magazine.

The April issue will be available April 5th. Watch for it!

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  1. I really enjoy your magazine. It’s helped me with my writing and I always look forward to each issue.

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