Love the Sinner by Mo Moshaty

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“Love the Sinner” is a short story collection that examines how the Seven Deadly Sins can quickly kaleidoscope into horrific consequences within our mind’s eye. These stories stand stark before you in full glaring misstep and macabre to show the human psyche in all its twisted reality.

From grief and its rage to bleeding a dying man dry to bloody revenge within a quantum leap, these stories seek to solidify one absolute truth: Man is the scariest monster.

Mo Moshaty is a genre screenwriter, author, and lecturer. With a concentration on psychological and possession horror in her writing, Mo’s background as a Trauma Specialist and Behavioral Therapist provides a sturdy foundation. She is the creator of the course, “Writing Trauma Respectfully for Screen ” and was a Guest Lecturer for Prairie View A&M University’s Film and TV Program and with Horror BAFSS in Sheffield, UK for No Return: A Yellowjackets Symposium.

Her books also include ‘The Dark Season,’ “The Encyclopocalypse of Legends and Lore Volume One,” “A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales,” “206 Word Stories

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