The Message is the Medium but is Medium the Best Way to Message Your Writing?

I just joined MEDIUM, the online publication where you can read and post stories, articles, whatever content you feel will gain you an audience. I’ve known about Medium for some time, however every time I considered posting anything in the past, a nagging voice questioned the point. Could the audience be worthwhile? Could gaining additional followers there boost the interactions here?

Medium is a publishing platform created in 2012 by the former CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams.

An interesting post from Larry Kim, convinced me that Medium offers a wider audience and the potential that publishers may interact after reading excellent content. You can read that here:

Beyond that many writers are actually making money from the site. This article from This Online World explains more on this point. Read that at:

Or from a post that has been reposted on Medium itself: An Idiot’s Guide to Making Money on Medium

Certainly from the short time I have been there I can see the value in exposure. It resembles a long-form Twitter, where the feed is available and you want to make content attractive enough for comments, or to comment yourself and acquire followers who enjoy what you have to say.

And for new writers seeking some feedback and an audience, it could be a wonderful experience. Joe Muscolino from Penguin Random House thinks so, too. You can read his post on How to Do Medium Well

As we all know, aside from the actual writing, the next great challenge for all authors is to reach an audience. Marketing is a time consuming and often pricey challenge. With sites like Medium to help gain an audience, you have a better control over where you steer them, getting feedback, and hopefully a decent amount of sales of your books.

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