Distant Rumors by William Gensburger

Five Star Review ★★★★★  “I enjoyed reading, “Distant Rumors: 16 Stories of Life and Death” by William Gensburger who in my opinion has a unique ability of immediately capturing attention in an ordinary story, holding your attention, then twisting and turning the story in unique ways.  After I read the first story, I got an instant feel of how this brilliant author thinks and observes the world and I had to read on.  It reminded me of the anticipation I used to experience from the late screenwriter Rod Serling, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. but the subjects of this author’s short stories are varied, natural and some are warm-feel good.  In my view, this author writes very intriguing and thought-provoking stories.  I also liked the author’s writing style and his ability to write with condensed detail, “Imitation silk flowers, peach and yellow extending from a red table vase as the inexpensive white plastic wall clock ticks off the minutes of a new, bleary-eyed day,  and  then  darkness pressing in as sleepiness dissolves  from  my  eyes with my own thoughts as an error to end  this insane revelation.”  I felt this author is creative and very extraordinary and, in my view, as more people read his work his fans will grow.  Very well done and I give this book five stars plus and highly recommend it!”
~Bruce Miller, TeamGolfWell

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16 excellent short stories from William Gensburger that cover the many aspects of life and death. Stories include:

•The First and Final Thing: Simon Pratt was supposed to have died six months ago. Not only isn’t he dead, but he’s perfectly healthy despite having given away all his wealth and living off the land in the mountains of Idaho. Now what?

•The Black and Yellow: He’s waging a one man war against a beast of an enemy in his own backyard; will he defeat the wasps or will they kill him?

•The Cat Lived: The cat was dying, along with his marriage. Which would go first?

•Ceremonial: The law says that at age 50 male members must undergo the rite of Ceremonial, a grand old party before you’re put to sleep. Can the law be broken or changed?

•The Unfinished Man: Who cleans up after the superheroes? Fred does. And this is his story.

•Just a Little Death: Returning to his boarding school, now as a housemaster, David must come to terms with a tragedy from his past, now affecting one of his new students.

•On Deck: He’s watched her every day. At a skate park where she watches her sons, he sits and enjoys her life, almost making contact but too fearful to do so.

•The Hollow Sky: Robert Yamato lives in Japanshu, a self-contained world where people live in body-sized cubicles, where work is the gold standard, and where love and sex is forbidden without approval. The only problem is that he has fallen in love.

•After the Leaves: Post-nuclear war, a family struggles to cope with the aftermath.

•The People Apples: When you die your soul goes into the apple tree in the cemetery, at least that’s what the groundsman tells you.

•A Limited Point of View: Grandy is only two levels from the top, in a society where your business level dictates your status. The only problem is, while the current company president is out to die, the man who will succeed him is young and fit and Grandy will have no chance to become president. Unless….

•A Different Kind of Peace: She’s waited out her father’s illness, dreaming of being able to leave and join her friends. What will it take?

•All Things Are Fine: Hadley Verona’s unfortunate life results in a hospital stay on his birthday where he must face life and death and decide what will make him happy.

•One Moment in the Sun: Three young friends in the 1980s on the Venice Boardwalk, California, facing a weekend and coming across young Arnold Schwarzenegger. A period piece and reflecting on their lives and how they change over the next thirty years.

•The I, Isozooid: A free-thought story of one man’s discovery that his life had been a lie, and how it has affected him.

•Fire on a Different Mountain: The baby was dead, yet she had to carry it to term. The pain inflicted upon them both may well tear apart their relationship. But will it?


What More Readers Had to Say

“Engaging, happy, sad, interesting, wild . . . it made me want more!”
~ Jill Herredia

“A master of short stories!”
~Dusty Hitchcock 

I was very impressed by this brilliant collection of short stories by William Gensburger. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes haunting, always engaging; Gensburger is a master of the genre. His characters have the
offbeat charm like those of Neil Gaiman and he makes even the
it most unusual setting realistic
and familiar. I highly recommend this book!
~Christopher (Goodreads)





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