POLL: Who Was the Best Movie President of The United States of America?

While the country is embroiled in the nasty politics of an election year, and without commentary about any of the candidates, I thought it would be fun to see who was the best movie president.  

Here are the candidates: 

Kevin Kline: Dave 1993

Michael Douglas: The American President 1995

Jack Nicholson: Mars Attacks 1996

Bill Pullman: Independence Day 1996

Harrison Ford: Air Force One 1997

Morgan Freeman: Deep Impact 1998

John Travolta: Primary Colors 1998

Jeff Bridges: The Contender 2000

Billy Bob Thornton: Love Actually 2003

Geena Davis: Commander in Chief 2005

Jamie Foxx: White House Down 2013

To cast your vote click HERE. Your answers are anonymous.  Please select only one answer. More than one selection will void your result.  Results will be posted on this site 5/15/24. This poll will also appear in our May 2024 issue available 5/1/24.