Books & Pieces Magazine Can Display Musicians and Artists as well as Writers & Poets

Books & Pieces Magazine now offers musicians, artists and actors access to be in the magazine. How, you ask? Our flip-page magazine allows us to embed videos, music, and more. This means your music can play right on the page. Your art can be seen. 

You can shoot a video from your phone and submit it. Include buy links and you’ve just garnered a whole new audience. 

If you have not yet read the APRIL issue, check it out below. You will see the video links in there.  

ADVERTISERS can also have a static ad on the PDF but a video ad on the flip page magazine. 

And WRITERS, POETS, think of videos of live readings, book signings and other events. 

The sky’s the limit. BTW, our MAY issue is out next week, loaded with videos and content you will enjoy.


PS: Double-click while on a page to zoom in. Same for Zoom out.  Use [  ] for full screen. And if you want the PDF downloaded, use the cloud with the down arrow (videos do not get downloaded). Enjoy and please let us know what you think.