Has Your Story Been Rejected Multiple Times? Wanna Know Why?


After all, you’ve poured your soul into the story, crafted it in a way you believed made it shine, formatted it correctly, and finally submitted it. And waited

Finally, you get a polite form letter/email rejection. 

“Thank you for submitting your story, however, we have to pass at this time.”


We feel your pain. Been there, done that. And because of the sheer volume of submissions, a detailed reply with reasons why your story did not make it, or better yet, with suggestions to make it better—to make it publishable—never happens. 

And so, for the month of SEPTEMBER 2023, we are offering you a FREE BASIC ANALYSIS of why your story was rejected. In our opinion.

And better yet, you did not have to be rejected by us. We will look over your story and give you a FREE BASIC ANALYSIS.

So “What is a FREE BASIC ANALYSIS?” you ask.

Here’s what that means. We will look over your story and give you a basic explanation of why we believe it was rejected. This may include a basic suggestion of how to improve it. This is enough to point you in the right direction. And it won’t cost you anything, with no added obligations to buy anything.

[Note: If you want something very detailed, or perhaps you want us to help you refine your story one time or multiple times, we can do that, but that is a premium service you can buy. Even so, it is extremely reasonably priced. Whether you want to go there is entirely up to you. We will not nag you, spam you, coerce you, or any other form of soliciting.]

Are you ready for YOUR FREE BASIC ANALYSIS.?

[Note: The image says expires on 9/11/23, but the offer is valid through the month of September 2023]