Master of the World: Edward Willett’s Latest Creation

The Worldshapers
fantasy series by award-winning Saskatchewan author Edward Willett continues with the September 10 release of Book 2, Master of the World, from DAW Books, in trade paperback, audiobook, and e-book formats.

The critically acclaimed first book, Worldshaper (which received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was long-listed for Canada’s prestigious Sunburst Award), just cameout in mass-market paperback; it’s also available as a tradepaperback, audiobook, or e-book.

Since we last interviewed Edward, he’s enjoyed a rising popularity with his books. He tells us:

“At this point, I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for twenty-six years, so recent publications haven’t really changd my view of the profession at all. I’ve learned that there are ups and downs, that there’s no easy road to success, and that there are always authors whose success you’re going to be envious of, even as their are authors who are envious of whatever you’ve achieved. There’s always more to work for and hope for. Ultimately, it boils down to one simple credo: try to make whatever you’re writing now the very best thing you’ve ever written.”

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Master of the World, takes the central character, Shawna Keys, into a new, steampunk-flavoured adventure.

Shawna has fled the world she only recently discovered she Shaped, narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Adversary who seized control of it…and losing her onlyguide, Karl Yatsar, in the process.

Now she finds herself alone in some other Shaper’s world, where, in her first two hours, she’srescued from a disintegrating island by an improbable flying machine she recognizes from JulesVerne’s Robur the Conqueror, then seized from it by raiders flying tiny personal helicopters, andfinally taken to a submarine that bears a strong resemblance to Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. Oh, and accused of being both a spy and a witch.

Shawna expects—hopes! —Karl Yatsar will eventually follow her into this new steampunkyrealm, but exactly where and when he’ll show up, she hasn’t a clue.

In the meantime, she has to navigate a world where two factions fanatically devoted to their respective leaders are locked in perpetual combat, figure out who the Shaper of the world is, findhim or her, and obtain the secret knowledge of this world’s Shaping. Then she has to somehowreconnect with Karl Yatsar and escape to the next Shaped world in the Labyrinth…through a portal she has no idea how to open…to continue her quest to convey the knowledge of all the Shaped worlds to Ygrair, the mysterious woman at the centre of the Labyrinth.

Only Ygrair, Karl has told her, can defeat the Adversary, who is determined to enslave and ultimately destroy the Shaped worlds (and the billions who live within them)—and only Shawna, he claims, can gather the knowledge Ygrair needs to do so.

No pressure!

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Worldshapers (Book 1)

For Shawna Keys, the world is almost perfect. She’s just opened a pottery studio in a beautiful city. She’s in love with a wonderful man. She has good friends.

But one shattering moment of violence changes everything. Mysterious attackers kill her best friend. They’re about to kill Shawna. She can’t believe it’s happening–and just like that, it isn’t. It hasn’t. No one else remembers the attack, or her friend. To everyone else, Shawna’s friend never existed…

Everyone, that is, except the mysterious stranger who shows up in Shawna’s shop. He claims her world has been perfect because she Shaped it to be perfect; that it is only one of uncounted Shaped worlds in a great Labyrinth; and that all those worlds are under threat from the Adversary who has now invaded hers. She cannot save her world, he says, but she might be able to save others–if she will follow him from world to world, learning their secrets and carrying them to Ygrair, the mysterious Lady at the Labyrinth’s heart.

Frightened and hounded, Shawna sets off on a desperate journey, uncertain whom she can trust, how to use her newfound power, and what awaits her in the myriad worlds beyond her own.

“Rollicking secondary-world contemporary fantasy.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Fun, quirky, and highly enjoyable.” – Booklist

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My latest: Worldshaper, Book 1 in the Worldshapers series from DAW Books
“Rollicking secondary-world contemporary fantasy.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Fun, quirky, and highly enjoyable.” – Booklist