The April 2022 Issue of Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is AVAILABLE!

Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is pleased to present the APRIL 2022 issue featuring bestselling author Tosca Lee on the cover.

This issue is packed with great things: SCROLL DOWN FOR LINKS

INTERVIEWS with Tosca Lee on life, fiction, and everything, Kristina Rienzi, author and life coach, bestselling author J.C. Ryan on why his thriller series featuring Rex Dalton and Digger, his dog, is hugely popular.

We have 3 SHORT STORIES: ‘Joe Brady’s Bridge’ by Mike Sherer, ‘Pride Among Predators’ by Denice Penrose, and ‘The Sin of Rock and Roll Sunday’ by Cerys Harrison. All three are terrific stories. Be sure to submit your own from the SUBMISSIONS menu tab.

We have BOOK REVIEWS from Jill Hedgecock (BookEnds), and also Scribbleworth’s own Julio Carlos, each tacking different styles of authors.

3 ARTICLES to pique your interest: Why the World Needs Clean Characters in Fiction by popular author J.S. Ririe, The Value of a Muse Board for authors, by Jill Hedgecock, and Can You Afford to be a Writer, by the publisher, William Gensburger.

We’ve added a new feature: FOOD. Tosca Lee shares a recipe she enjoys, and William Gensburger offers an easy Chinese-style dish you can make at home–ideal for busy writers.

And finally, a WRITING CONTEST sponsored by Books ‘N Pieces Magazine. The contest has started, ends May 15, and full rules and submission entry can be found under the SUBMISSIONS menu tab. Good luck to all.


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William Gensburger, Publisher