The June 2018 Issue is Ready For You!

Happy First Birthday to Books ‘N Pieces Magazine.  [Update 5/20: We have altered the logo and removed BNP due to confusion in the UK with a disliked political party. We have adjusted to B&P instead, and slowly adjusting all collateral material. The Web URL remains unchanged. Thanks.]

Now starting our second year, we are happy to announce that beginning with this issue, a printed edition is also available. We’ve chosen an 8.5″ x 11″ full-color, glossy publication, available globally via mail subscription.

In this issue we have FOUR Bestselling authors interviewed: Steena Holmes, Miranda Oh, Sara L Johnson, and A.C. Salter. We have TWO short stories: Jay Seate and Cliff Hitchcock–I’m sure you will enjoy them. We also have columns by Jill Hedgecock (The Review’s In), Judith San Nicolas, Page One featuring Bestseller Mike Wells, Lust, Money & Murder, Book 1 (of 10), Big Words, a Visual Challenge, Bookshelf recommends, and more. We’ve also got two full pages of Idaho authors, including Megan Bryant (Not My Plan: Sucking It In Until I Had to Push It Out), and Brenda Stanley (The Treasure of Cedar Creek), bestselling authors.

You can read it by clicking on the cover or HERE.

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AUTHORS: If you have a book published and would like some FREE promotion, please submit it to us–if we like it we will include it at NO CHARGE to you, in a future issue. You can submit to and add PROMO in the subject line. We are also happy to consider interviews, and other promotional ideas.

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Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of the layout (print based), what you would like to see included, and if you would like to submit anything.

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William Gensburger