The May 2024 Issue of Books & Pieces Magazine is Available — FREE

The May issue brings NEW FEATURES to Books & Pieces Magazine, at least in our Flip-Page Edition which works so well in ALL formats.  SCROLL DOWN TO READ IT.

We now have VIDEO! Right on the digital flip-page magazine you can watch videos.

We also feature MUSICIANS, ARTISTS and much more. So tell your MUSICIAN friends we can show their music videos, play their songs and allow readers/listeners to link to them for purchase. Same for Artists—your paintings, scuptures and more.


WRITINGS FROM: •Nancy Lane •Julian Font •Marjorie Brody •Michael Barrington •Denice Penrose •Roly Andrews •Emil Rem

•Books Reviews •Poetry •Artwork •Foolproof Cooking •Take a Poll: Who was the BEST MOVIE PRESIDENT?

And for fun, watch Gandalf—Sir Ian McKellen (below) show you the best-scrambled eggs out there. We have more videos in this issue including Julian Font, author, musician and more. He’s on our cover.  


Click the [  ] icon to expand to the full size page. Flip pages. You may download a PDF from the cloud with the down arrow icon (Note: Video does not download).

Enjoy! And please share!