You should be able to make me dribble from write your turkey description. Can you? I challenge you. My sample below: add yours.

Crisp, taut, skin a caramel-browned canvas stretched across a mountain of juice-infused flesh beckoning a peel, sliver-sliced and bite-sized. Succulent juices dribble off as you lift the taste, first catching the scent of turkey flavored with onion, garlic; themes of carrots, celery, bread stuffing, and, of course, cranberries dosed with a shot of despair.

There is a bountiful hope in the anticipation of the first touch upon the tongue, enveloping warmth, holding your memories of innocence firm against the new splinter of flavor, piqued by the hinting of the old Vine Zinfandel you just sipped.



Happy Thanksgiving.