? A Killer List of Books You Should Buy for Christmas! ?‍♂️

Books make an affordable, high-quality, and enjoyable gift for Christmas, birthdays, as well as other notable days throughout the year. So let me ask you…

“When and what was the last book YOU purchased?”

This year, we have offered you many interviews with bestselling, and notable authors, in our magazine, most with a wide selection of titles, as well as authors from ur bookstore selections.

For your convenience I am listing some of these authors here, including my own book, Homo Idiotus.

Click the link on the author’s name -–– it will take you to their Amazon author page where you can use the “Look Inside” feature to learn more about the book.

Hopefully you will find a book or three that would make a terrific gift for someone in your life. Or even for yourself. Enjoy.


  • Joanne Pence (mysteries, historical, romance, fantasy, suspense)
  • Craig DiLouie (thriller, apocalyptic/horror, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction)
  • JC Ryan (mysteries/science fiction)

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